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Canna Bay Faraday Infographic

By putting your electronic equipment at a Canna Bay Faraday Cage you protect them from damage as a result of an Electo-Magnetic Pulse. An EMP can occur by detonating a nuclear bomb or with way of a natural solar occurrence named a solar panel. Even the Canna Bay Faraday Cage, Manufactured by the providers of military grade enclosures for atomic and weapon containment approaches, the Canna Bay Faraday cage provides as much as 80 dB of attenuation from electronic Electro-Magnetic Interference due to EMP or Solar-flare. Each CB Faraday Cage holds more than 24 gallons of electronics. Each CB Faraday Cage is factory tested before sending for maximum electronic protection. Visit this page to know more about us.

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Amdbuildingservices Infographics

AMD Builiding services is a reputable building company that has been established for more than 30 years.  We are capable for undertaking a range of property maintenance services and complete them to your exact specifications. We can renovate the interior and exterior of domestic and commercial properties. We provide a quality service at an affordable price and serve the customers throughout Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.Visit this page to know more about us.
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